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"Fetish" by Roy Kinsey


HOM | 2019


On this melancholic, four-minute tour de force, Roy Kinsey unpacks his experience with the way white gay culture fetishizes black men and black bodies, including in the Chicago gay neighborhood of Boystown. Choice lyrics: “White gays say ‘Yasss’/White men say ‘Mama’/They wanna take back the night/From the girls that look like Marsha.”

“Fetish” is the latest in a string of 2019 singles for Roy Kinsey. Previous releases this year include “Crook County”, “Apple Care” with Ill Brown, and “UGC” with KC Ortiz & The Vixen. “Fetish” is accompanied by a music video directed by Ashley Battle.

Written by Roy Kinsey
Produced by Spoken Thought


Cover art and photo by Ryan Edmund
by Stevie Logan